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tv   [untitled]    May 2, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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marketed as -- despite the fact that these developments are built near freeway entrances and getting one to one parking or conditional use permits to command the amount of parking beyond what is allowable. let's focus on treasure island. i also question the designation as sustainable. the e.i.r. notes many of the environmental impacts are significant. the amount of allowable parking, one space for every residential unit plus many commercial is too high and the california -- >> please wrap up. >> california department of transportation is saying that the oakland bay bridge is already congested and others
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have as well. thank you. >> thank you. >> i am here to speak on behalf of the sierra club. the pattern should be designed to encourage shorter car trips and enhance economic viability of public transit. right 32.5% of greenhouse gas emissions in san francisco come from private car use. there are over 10,000 spaces for commercial and marina and hotel use on this island. that is a rate beyond one per unit. we recommend limiting it to just over 4,000, which is less than one per unit to decrease car traffic. right now the change plan
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because of the complications have changed the master developer to the treasure island l.l.c., which is a private company and the treasure island transportation management authority will allocate parking fees and citations. it will obviously increase traffic with 8,000 units on the island. >> i will call several more names. >> i am currently living in treasure island and own a business as well in the island. my business is close to the gate which is in the front. i usually see a lot of tourists on a daily basis.
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those tourists usually ask what is in the island. i basically tell them that there is nothing right now but there is a development coming through and it will be a lot of stuff going on. the impression that i get from the tourists that they come over and look for restaurants and different things on the island. unfortunately there is nothing out there now. i think the island is a viable site and if it can be developed i believe it would be a boost to the local economy. i am supporting this project to move forward. >> what is your business again? >> it is island market and deli. a very small deli. it is not big enough to accommodate what the tourists need. >> thank you. mr. theriot. >> michael theriot. again, should be no surprise to
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you that after testifying on behalf of this project and a couple other hearings and meetings we remain in support of it. we are disappointed that the state's potential actions on redevelopment and encoloneled by mr. schumakers presentation of the alternatives to secure low income housing should possibilities occur. thank you. >> good evening. i am a native san franciscoan and retiree of civil service. we have a wonderful project for the island and we are so excited to work toward this knowing the island will be developed. the treasure island museum which closed by the navy in
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1997 when they left and stored all of the cleckedses. the museum association of which i am president managed to put on exhibits using other resources. we want to show the challenge of the island in the past to build it, the navy, just to save our country from attack and so forth all of it will continue with understanding what is a sustainable society. we have a model out there and our museum will challenge the visitors. in the past we hired volunteers people living on the island. imagine what we will do once there is a center and a population. we are the people that can answer a lot of questions about what happened here. we are thrilled the development is going forward as quickly as possible. >> thank you.
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we are almost done with public comment. >> i am here to tell you how jazzed i am about treasure island. the parks, transit and housing and the jobs. we have had a presence on treasure island since 1997. we have a unique locational training program for disadvantaged folks. these individual include people with disabilities. there are scant options for this population. we are a charter member of tidi. the opportunities that have been afforded our social enterprise has created ongoing
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jobs for island residents. we are concerned about the lack of affordable housing in the city and disappointed with the percentage that's been cut. we will work together to get the units back. >> thank you. i am the owner of wine valley catering which is located on treasure island. we supply jobs for people liveoth island, for real people that need the jobs in this economy and intend to supply more jobs as the project moves forward hoping you will fully support the project. in this economy we need as many jobs as we can we think it will be wonderful for san francisco as well.
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>> good evening, tom mccarthy. i am a member of the carpenters union here in the city. i also lived in the north beach area of the city for many years. this is a project that we need for the jobs that will provide but more personal for the housing that it will provide in the long run. the cost of housing there is just the fact that there is not enough housing in the city. every neighborhood once a working people's neighborhood is threatened to becoming a neighborhood where only people of wealth can live.
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you have seen how many people there are that are committed and dedicated to the work now going on out there. they are not going to give up this project. it will be guided by this type of dedication. >> thank you. >> thank you supervisors. i represent -- >> please pull the microphone closer to your mouth. >> we have been performing landscaping services on treasure island using a disadvantaged workforce since 1992. so we have actually been there with the knave and he then with the city of san francisco. we source 100% of our employees through the tidi program and helped over 70 people enter the workforce and obtain long-term employment and totally change their lives. we focus on hiring people with homelessness.
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they have minimal work history, poor general health, some suffer from mental illness, have poor education, social skills, family issues, prior substance abuse and prior criminal convictions. we provide steady employment, medical and other benefits and job training and help them build confidence and determination. >> thank you. >> our company has been on the island since 1999 when we came in with a lease hold interest. we have been working with the developers for the last 2-3 years. we are very impressed with their transparency and straightforwardness. i encourage support of this project. i am particularly impressed
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with their -- i think it is to be applauded because it is a great default plan. and they are under promising and overdelivering. there is a chance that you will end up with 30%. you are better off under promising and over delivering on the subject of density, actually all of the northern census tracked have much higher density than anything on treasure island. the project we did at north beach was 82. >> thank you mr. stewart. >> good evening. i am the executive director of the community housing partnership, one of the largest here in san francisco and here on treasure island. i urge you today to move items 2-12. we have every belief that the
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developer will move back to 30% if the agency at the state level is reinstated and not forced to use other funding in its place. to have that leap of faith and belief in the developer we are asking the board of supervisors to do the same. we want to make sure this is the first community integrating people of poverty and homesness into their community and is you not delay it and move it forward. >> i know it is not just about housing for formally homeless or providing social services but about building community and empowering them. can you talk about how the model works? >> from our experience when we have been building this housing we are usually doing it in communities that are already existing. in fulton we are building 120
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units that you can see from city hall. for the planning on treasure island through our tenants and the community organizing work that we do we have been actively working with the developer to make sure the community embraces folks with a different economic status and what their needs will be in a community that has 8,000 units of housing, middle to high hotels and restaurants and class c and b retail afford tooble them. we also found the residents on treasure island are really engaged. we do community organizing. there is a high rate of civic engagement on the island. many have partnered with the developers and work groups to really make this a model that works for them. for many low income communities, being transit first is not the most
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comfortable thing. >> thank you. >> good evening supervisors. i run treasure island supportive housing in the treasure island child development center and a member of the tidi board and good neighbors board. i am here to support this project. we provide supportive services to 276 families on the island who had the opportunity to rebuild their lives. through the housing we have provided and the collaborations that we have we have seen our families flourish. i want to urge you to continue to help this happen by moving the plan forward. thank you. >> thank you. >> good evening members of the community.
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i am here to speak with regard to the project's treatment of historical resources. we have reviewed the project and not only concur with the island's past use as a naval base but support the commitment to preserve this legacy going forward. indeed all but one historic resource on the island is committed to be preserved in the plan. buildings one, two and the three and the landscaping features surrounding them are slated to be rehabbed and will remain a historic core of the island. in addition to public concern or the original proposed demolition of the 1943 chapel the plan was revised to allow for it going forward. this is a perfect example of how historic preservation can complement the construction of housing, both affordable and
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market rate housing. thank you. >> thank you. >> i wanted to weigh in on behalf of the alliance for jobs and sustained growth. we love this project. we want to see it adopted. we have a sense of urgency in one respect that has not been pounded on enough i think. it will produce 1,500-2,000 jobs per year for 15-20 years. that is a lot of work. our people can't pay their car payments, rent, mortgages, medical bills, they are out of work. the flip side of affordable housing is that if people are not working you will need that much more. we want you to take it into consideration. i know the other members of the board of supervisors understand the severe unemployment problem
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we have. we need to put people to work in this city and we urge you to support the project. >> thank you. >> supervisors, i wanted to reiterate the alliance for jobs and sustainable growth. this project means a lot of work for a lot of people. the alliance represents many unions as well as many businesses. it is truly unique. we urge you to support the project. thank you very much. >> good evening supervisors. i am representing san francisco green party and our city. hopefully you got my email and have read it about the tsunami danger. i want to pring this issue to the core problem.
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over the last four weeks the financing and the governance structure of this project have changed dramatically in ways that are threatening, not to mention threatening to make worse all of the problems already been mentioned in the e.i.r. in the last 4-5 hearings i watched staff was given four strategies, separate strategies for solving the affordable housing problem. this is being flown blind and it is in danger of hitting a wall. it is crucial that you knock this back to the fact, do not approve this until we get a handle on what is going on with all of this craziness over the last few weeks. >> thank you. >> you know as a lot of these
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environmental issues played out over the last several weeks and months we waited to see the resolution following a workforce development guarantee around a local hiring commitment to the project. the shift towards a different source of financing does not mean there is not much more of a good faith effort to connect local workers with this workforce. i understand it might be ongoing, developing. i would like to learn more as soon as possible. a lot of us were made to believe one of the things that would be done is to, you know, we are losing affordable housing and so many environmental issues on this project but that there would be a guarantee around local workers with these jobs being significant. the project allows that language before it goes to the
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board. thanks. >> thank you. mr. whitaker. >> thanks for your sticking around. there are a lot of things to love about the treasure island plan, but the one thing that scares me is the parking plan. my neighborhood, we share the same look, if you will. we are close to the highway, entrance ramps. our parking ratio is one parking space for every two dwellings. that is what i hope everyone will have. one car for two dwelling spaces. the e.i.r. spells why we should kick it back. do we really want to slow down
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muni metro service, cars being backed up on westbound 80 to berkeley, they will be backed up to richmond. a $5 congestion fee or even $10. 5,000 per year. or is $2,500 per year go to stop someone from driving? thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners. i am a member of and the chair of the citizens treasure island -yerba buena island advisory board since their inception in 2,000. this is the 12th year of meeting. i wish i kept count of all of the meetings we had for the public to have their opportunity to let us hear what they had to say. i haven't kept track but i know
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we have had 12 meeting this is year and 40 since the beginning of last year. tuesday, april 19th, meeting our cab voted, took action on approval for the final transaction document of the 24 cab members who sit now, 21 were present. the vote was taken. it was 20-1. of the three who were unable to be present who wrote letters of strong and heart felt support. so, i really hope that you will forward this with your approval. the staff has done an excellent job and thinking quickly on their feet to transfer it to an -- >> you said within the c.a.c. you voted 20-1 to support the project? >> that is correct. yes. and actually because we can't vote by proxy those that were
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not present were not able to but i do know that two other members also wrote letters in strong support which i read into the record at our meeting. so, everything that you have heard has gone over and over again. i know you hear opinions from a lot of members of the public and people who has been elected that may have things to say against this project but i have not seen them at any of our public meetings during our 12 years. >> thank you for sticking to the time. public comments are closed. we should ask if staff wanted to respond to any of the comments made by the audience. >> i will raise one raised by a
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couple of the sierra club advocates and a couple of others. there are those questioning the transportation plan, will congestion be unmanageable and how is it being outweighed by the environmental and transportation improvements. >> sure. obviously having the bridge as the only vehicle connection to the city or the east bay should be a concern that is ongo to the project as it was ongoing. but over the years you always come up with a very creative program to actually discourage car travel. it is made of a couple of key
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elements. there will bea i toll that will be set by the treasure island transportation management authority. so the board will have to ultimately designate who is the titma. what they do is set the congestion pricing and determine how transit is subsidized and use revenues from parking on the island. as well as congestion pricing we worked over the years, there will be metering lights on the ramp to control traffic to and from the island. there is unbundled residential parking. each housing unit is required to buy a pass equal to a fast pass amount. we think it is somewhat
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groundbreaking. and to be flexible to the extent that bus service needs to be enhanced and ferry service less so or vice versa. we have built in the tools and financing vehicles to fund this as well as an agency to implement it. >> i think the main point that came out of the planning commission discussion is that we are underestimating the amount of congestion that will be created by 8,000 or more new people with the one to one cars and will these improvements in transit upset that congestion that will come with the on and off ramp to the golden gate bridge. >> we think we overestimated the amount of automobile use in the e.i.r. we think we overestimated the impact to the bay bridge. given the ferry option that
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there will be more residents and visitors taking transits. but cal tran has been supportive of us moving forward and the mechanisms that we have put in place. >> another question that came up, i know a number of labor reps strongly supported the project. one question is on local hiring. i thought that there was an answer that the project would abide by the local hiring policies in the city. and joshua mentioned it is not in the d.a. but where is that language built in and how are we assuring we are abiding by the local hiring policies in the city? >> maybe i wasn't clear at the last hearing but there is a job program in commitments attached to the d.d.a. we are happy to sit down and walk through what the commitments are in that document.
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but it basically shows vertical and horizontal development within the project commits to a goal of 50% local hiring through the tidi job local program. local hire will only apply to city sponsored projects so we have projects that we are actually constructing. for the horizontal development where the developer is fronting the money and entering into contracts, tidi will come along to buy that back and our jobs program applies. local hire does not apply to that. we are not considering that a possible works. that is infrastructure being built by the developer and purchased back by the city which could be years later which tax increment bonds are
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issued and able to purchase that back. we are buying back infrastructure and not contracting for that infrastructure. >> i know ruth from the c.a.c. and others raised issues of the water management system and what role and at what point do they get involved in the water management plans that are going to be on the island? >> they have been involved over the years, so the entire storm water plan has been approved or will be before they are commissioned. we have worked with staff. it will insure that the infrastructure is built according to the plan and it basically has helped us. that is part of the d.d.a. >> i know a number of the